The Value of Your Work

On many occasions I have seen people who do hand jobs and don't give it the value it deserves. It happened to me and I don't want the same thing to happen to you. A handmade work, call it  craft, product, etc. has a value. I tell you my experience.

Before I handmade my products made the mistake of set a low price. I thought that would sell more. If he charged it dearly, he would sell less, that it was too much or that others would not see it well. Do you know what happened? That people asked me for even more rebate, that they saw my product as a trinket, as a little thing. And that much bothered me because of this! I spent a lot of courage and it lasted for days. I created my own dislike.

No, I had to solve this.



A product starts in your mind, have the idea, create it, carry it out, spend hours working to finish it. It's a great satisfaction and I had to fill with joy. I didn't buy it in a store, I did it! and that's worth it. So I began to let go of the fear, love what I did and started to value my work and of course give it the price it deserves.


And you? Are you going through this? Well, start loving what you do, value your work and don't give it away. If they tell you that this product is expensive and they come to ask you for a discount, you tell them that this is the price of your effort, of your creativity, of your time. He who knows what a handmade product is worth, doesn't ask for a discount, he buys it and that's it.

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