Knitting Sets for your Baby

The cold weather will come soon and, of course, you want your baby to be warm and comfortable If you like knitting, I show you these two sets patterns, one for a boy and one for a girl that you can do yourself.


Set for Boy

A beautiful romper in soft wool in blue and white or the color you want to make it. You can do it in short or long sleeves as you prefer, it includes the hat and shoes to make the ideal set for your child. Even, you can do it for a girl by changing the colors and so it will be well sheltered. Here I show you the photo.



Set for Girl

In pink and white, make this set in long or short sleeves. As the previous set you can make the hat and the shoes in combination. Here I show you the photo.


These patterns are for babies of about 6 months. Where can you get them? Here I send you the link


If you like to do projects like me, I send you others that you can do. In my blog I will be publishing other contents of varied topics, so subscribe to my newsletter and comment, ask, share it. Thanks and see you later.

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