Hats and Scarfs

Handmade scarves and hats to complete your outfit, for your family or a nice gift. Entire colors or combinations of colors and styles. Sale online only, not in stores. 

Handmade in yarn, in three colors combination. You can adjust the scarf with the buttons. In the hat...
Handmade crocheted in yarn with the design of Puerto Rico flag. For adults. One size. Note: If you're interested in your country's flag or other style, click here for...
Cute hat for your baby. Made in crochet with soft yarn. Adjust in the head with a cord....
Handmade in crochet black yarn. For adults, unisex, one size.  Note: we make this hat in different colors (for cancer patients...
Handmade in yarn, this set include the scarf and hat, ideal with any outfit. Crocheted in black and...
Crocheted in soft yarn. This set include a gray hat and collar scarf. One size. For mens. Not...
Crocheted scarf in soft yarn, in small boxes design and decorate with a cute cat brooch. Not sold separately. Sale online only, not in stores.
Made in blue printed fabric with crocheted edge in blue thread. It can use as a scarf, around the waist as a pareo or with jeans. Is 73 x 16 inches size. Sale online only, not in stores.
Made in blue printed fabric with crocheted edge in black thread. It can use as a scarf, around the waist as a pareo or with jeans. Is 73 x 16 inches size. Sale online only, not in stores.
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